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Intensive Interaction


Intensive Interaction is a practical approach to communication for people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities and/or Autism. It helps to build and support relationships and to develop confidence in communication.

The approach was developed by teachers Dave Hewett and Melanie Nind in the 1980's.


The approach helps to build and support relationships and increase confidence in communication by teaching and developing a range of communication skills including attention, concentration, turn taking and using vocalisations with meaning.

Communication is taught and developed using a variety of techniques such as sharing space, vocal echoing, behavioural mirroring and eye contact.

Those using the approach must follow the learners lead, respond to their behaviour, create timing and rhythm for predictability, stop when the learner has had enough and most of all, make it enjoyable for the learner.

How we can help

Our therapists can use this approach with clients to begin to build and develop relationships and communication skills. You will be involved in the communications and techniques will be demonstrated for you to continue to build upon.

Our therapists can provide advice, training and support for those wishing to use this approach to communication.

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