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Makaton Level 2 Workshop

This provides a practical introductory workshop for anyone who uses or would like to use Makaton in everyday situations. Signing instructions are given for Core Vocabulary stages 3-4 with the remaining additional. Makaton symbols are included and examples of their use are given. Methods for implementing and using Makaton are discussed and developed.

Recommended for

Family members, carers and workers who need to use Makaton signing and/or symbols at home or in their work and for those who have completed Makaton level 1 training.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will leave
  1. With an ability to sign in everyday situations
  2. Knowing stages 3-4 with the remaining additional
  3. Knowing when to use Makaton symbols
  4. Have an understanding of how to implement Makaton for their own use.
Participants receive handouts covering the vocabulary they have learned and general information regarding further Makaton training and Makaton resources.
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