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Assistant Dysphagia Practitioner Training at your venue

Recommended for

Groups of people who work with or care for children or adults with dysphagia (eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties).
People involved in feeding adults or children who are on modified fluid or diets.
People responsible for preparing modified food or drinks, following a speech and language therapy assessment.


A room to comfortably accommodate your group. We will bring the equipment we need to teach.

Training Objectives

  • Have an understanding of how normal swallowing works.
  • Be able to describe the signs and symptoms of dysphagia.
  • Have a range of strategies that will reduce the risk of aspiration or choking, which apply to anyone, diagnosed dysphagia or not.
  • Know how to identify which groups of people are more at risk from suffering dysphagia.
  • Understand the new IDDSI Descriptors for food and drink used in dysphagia management.
  • Be able to prepare food and drinks accurately, according to dysphagia management plans from Speech and Language Therapists.
  • Be able to offer appropriate food and drinks to patients with confidence.

Course content

Duration: 3 hours

These outcomes meet the standards set by the CQC and the National Patient Safety Agency and supports the core competencies outlined in the InterProfessionals Dysphagia Framework (2006).

All courses provided by Eg(Training) Ltd are taught by a Dysphagia trained and Qualified Speech and Language Therapist.
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