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TalkTools Therapist Levels

TalkTools OPT is provided in various ways. In the UK, TalkTools is available via the NHS in some areas, or you may want to purchase services from an independent therapist. Always talk with your therapist prior to commencement of a service, so that you have a clear understanding of:
  • Their level of competence and training.
  • What is being provided as part of the service.
  • What else you may need to pay for.
All reputable independent therapists will be happy to discuss your needs and any concerns you may have, and to provide you with information about their training levels and fees. A therapist is not accredited by TalkTools until they have achieved level 3. From level 3 therapist skills are assessed, and accreditation given to those who achieve the required levels of competence. Ongoing CPD is required by TalkTools to maintain the qualification.

Level 3 therapists

These therapists have travelled to a TalkTools approved therapy clinic to receive 5 days of intensive education, including observation of evaluations, program plan updates and therapy sessions. Their names and contact information are listed below.

Level 4 therapists

These therapists have completed a minimum of 5 days of "hands on" personalized training from a Level Six instructor at a TalkTools-approved therapy clinic. They have demonstrated proficiency in working with clients of various diagnoses and skill levels who demonstrate deficits in any or all of the following areas: tone, sensory, feeding, and oral placement affecting feeding and speech. Their names and contact information are listed below.

UK based therapists

Therapists employed by Eg(Training)Ltd provide TalkTools Therapy in the ways described on our website. Other therapists listed here are not employed by Eg(Training)Ltd, their details are provided for your reference.