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TalkTools : Oral Placement Therapy

TalkTools : Oral Placement Therapy

What Is it?

TalkTools was founded by Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson, an American speech therapist, to help people who have difficulty speaking, positioning their oro-facial spheres and eating. Using an approach based on sensory and tactile stimulation, she provided her patients with an effective therapy giving the best possible results. While teaching her oro-facial positioning techniques to an increasingly wide audience, therapists and caregivers participating in her classes expressed the desire to have tools specifically designed to help them implement what they needed. In response, she developed the TalkTools brand and its range of tools and accessories.

TalkTools combines approaches addressed by caregivers and therapists. Parents and caregivers can learn the basics of TalkTools and use them with their children. Therapists can rain in TalkTools to different levels. TalkTools techniques are not typically used in isolation, but are part of a holistic approach to communication and diet therapy.


As in any therapeutic program, it is important to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, in order to make the most of this program. Level 3 therapists can provide you with an evaluation and a complete program.

TalkTools uses specific accessories for its activities; it is important to practice these activities regularly. You will need to consider buying special accessories and regular, practice daily as part of the TalkTools program. Some of TalkTools' therapeutic tools look like toys. Remember, these tools are not toys. Each tool has been designed or selected specifically for a particular task; replacing a tool with a similar item can compromise the results. As with all therapeutic equipment, children should not be allowed to use them as toys.

Please refer to the brochure "TalkTools OPT - Infection Management and Sterilization of Therapeutic Materials. "To learn more about the care instructions for your TalkTool tools.

Swallowing problems

Swallowing problems (dysphagia) are a common factor among users of the TalkTools method. If you are concerned that your child or patient is having difficulty swallowing food or drinks, we strongly recommend that you have an evaluation done by a specialist. A speech and language therapist (DPL) trained in dysphagia assesses the risks associated with swallowing and advises you on appropriate strategies for managing this risk.

Not all TalkTools therapists are trained in dysphagia. To find a therapist trained in dysphagia, you can contact your local health authorities; to contact an independent therapist, contact ASLTIP (in GB). www.helpwithtalking.com If you have been told that your child or patient can not swallow certain food, liquids or textures safely, they should not be part of the TalkTools program. Example: A child who can not swallow fluids safely should not resort to activities using the "honey bear", straw or cup.

A subject who can not safely swallow hard pieces of food should not use chewing activities with foods that will produce small pieces in the mouth, such as cookies.

Where to get TalkTools tools:

You can purchase TalkTools OTP tools in a variety of ways. In the UK, they are available through your independant stocklist. Always discuss with your therapist before starting any program, so that you understand:
  • Their level of competence an training
  • What is included in the service
  • Other service costs
Any dedicated therapist will be happy to discuss your needs and any concerns you may have, and then provide you with information regarding their level of training and rates.

You can also refer to the Eg (Training) Ltd "TalkTools OPT - TalkTools Training Information" booklet to learn more about the different levels of TalkTools training.

For your information, three brochures. Please click on the links below to download our information brochures
TalkTools: Oro-Facial Positioning Therapy

Important Information For Therapists And Parents
TalkTools: Oro-facial Positioning Therapy

Control of Infection and Sterilization of TalkTools Therapy Utensils.
TalkTools: Oro-facial Positioning Therapy

TalkTools Training Information
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