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Consulations and Clinics

Evaluation sessions last 2 hours and programme plan update sessions last 1½ hours. After the session, you will be provided with a written programme of therapy activities for you to follow at home. This programme is designed to last for about 4 to 6 months, after which time you may want to arrange for a programme plan update session to review progress and allow us to provide you with an updated programme plan.

The cost for an evaluation and programme at these European clinics is £525.00. The cost for an European programme plan update is £425.00.

The cost for an evaluation and programme at non-European clinics is £850.00. The cost for an non-European programme plan update is £750.00.

We normally have a limited number of sessions available for evaluations for new clients, or for programme plan updates for existing clients, so please book early.

For directions to our UK Clinics, please follow this link.

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