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Regular therapy

Regular Speech and Language Therapy

Regular therapy provides the support and expertise of our Speech and Language Therapists. Your therapist will visit you on a regular basis, go through exercises, talk to the patient, parents and carers about progress and next steps and maintain a log of therapy.


Regular therapy can be flexed to suit your circumstances and might range from weekly to monthly. The therapist will spend this time focused on therapy and will spend time after writing up notes and liasing with other professionals, you will not be charged for this time. Often during the first session the therapist will spend time getting to understand the nature of difficulties and establish a baseline of ability. Further sessions are then spent on therapy activity to improve function and ability.

Review and Reports

Our therapists maintain detailed notes about work done, progress and forward plans. Our therapists are able to write reports on therapy progress providing a summary of input as part of your service. The therapist can also provide a more comprehensive report with full details of interventions which would be at an additional cost.


As the therapist works with a client they will adapt and develop the therapy to meet the needs of the client, they will continually review the clients requirements, their recommendations and the targets they are working on to ensure the most appropriate approaches are being employed.
regular therapy service