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Evaluations, Programmes and Updates

TalkTools programmes are made up of a set of personalised, structured activities. This approach puts an emphasis on daily work with a child or adult by parents and carers. This means that we can provide you with a home programme that will last for 4-6 months.


We begin with an in depth evaluation which allows the therapist to establish a baseline of the client's skills. The therapist is then able to write a personalised activities programme for you to work on at home. The programme has lots of sections covering activities for the jaw, lips, tongue and breath control to develop foundation skills for feeding and speech development. We usually video this session to provide a therapy record and for you to refer to as you work on your home programme activities. The initial evaluation session takes about 2hours.


When your programme arrives it will be quite long and it is worth spending some time studying it. It will detail the current baseline and give an in depth set of instructions for the exercises to improve on this baseline. The programme will give instructions on what the exercises should look like when successful and what the next level of exercise will be.


We try to provide 4-6 months worth of activities in a programme so you can continue to work on skills development at home. However your therapist is available to help by phone or skype should you get stuck! After about 4-6 months you will be ready to move on, an update session can be arranged, this session takes about 1½ hours. The therapist will go through the activities checking progress and deciding the best things to work on next. An updated programme will then be written to give you another 4-6 months of work.
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