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Our Clients

Our Clients‐ Gabriel

Gabriel is 14 years old and likes computer games. He is working hard on a therapy programme developed for him by one of our Specialist Speech and Language therapists.

His programme is based on a TalkTools approach, which focuses on oral sensory and motor activities to develop the skills needed for feeding and speech. Gabriel's family work with him regularly to complete the activities in his personalised programme.

Gabriel's Mum
"Gabriel has seen a lot of different speech therapists, thanks to our moving around, but the Talk Tools therapy approach is the only one that has worked for him and where I could see progress. What I love about it, is the thorough examination and the step by step exercises, from easy to hard... helping "even" kids who really don't know AT ALL where their mouth is and what to do with lips, tongue, etc."

"Thank you also for a great session in Lausanne. As always, it was so cool to see you work with Gabriel, to see your high level of competence and knowledge, it's absolutely awesome. We left, excited about the first steps for chewing!! :-)"