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Our Clients‐ Emma

Emma is 6 years old and has Cerebal Palsy. She is working hard on a therapy programme developed for her by one of our Specialist Speech and Language therapists.

Her programme is based on a TalkTools approach, which focuses on oral sensory and motor activities to develop the skills needed for feeding and speech. Emma's family work with her regularly to complete the activities in her personalised programme.

Emma's therapist has been really pleased with her progress, in particular with the development of her chewing, drinking and speech. We make sure that Emma's family are actively involved in all stages of the therapy process. We love their enthusiasm and energy!

" We have been following Talk Tools for nearly 4 years and have seen tremendous improvement in Emma's oral motor skills. The programmes are easy to follow and there is a clear hierarchy that just makes sense! Emma is now chewing gum which she just loves.

Thanks to the team at Eg Training! "

Emma's Mum

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