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Education of the mouth, TalkTools:

"I made an assessment as soon as possible with Helen Woodrow, an English speech therapist who comes to France several times a year in different cities. She shows the appropriate exercises to do every day. (massage, chewing plastic tips ...). At around 3 months, Marie's mouth started to warp strongly, so I started the exercises as soon as possible. This gives good results. By doing it regularly, the mouth returns to normal. According to Helen, it will be possible to stop the exercises once the child has grown up, before 10 years old when you start with a young baby. The results: a mouth that works normally to speak well and eat properly! I do not know of any other method that is so effective. Some French speech therapists are starting to train ..."


The Mouth - TalkTools

"...The exercises TalkTools are adapted to each child thanks to a report made by Helen Woodrow who comes from England several weeks a year in different cities of France.

Marie's mouth began to warp around 4 months

(The lower jaw moved forward) which was absolutely unbearable to me. Fortunately the exercises quickly put all this in order. If you make an appointment as soon as possible, Helen Woodrow will show you how to nurse or bottle feed your baby with teats or tips that will not distort your child's mouth. This rehabilitation should last several years but will stop once the child has grown up and has taken good habits. When the child knows how to use the mouth with the right movements then the mouth will not deform and the exercises can be stopped. You can contact Helen Woodrow here: http://www.eg-training.co.uk/"