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TalkTools Programmes

TalkTools Programmes provided
by Eg (Training) Ltd

Before the Evaluation Session

Before we conduct the evaluation session we will send you a client history form so that we know as much as we can of the client's history that is relevant to your TalkTools programme. As part of this case history we will ask you to send us some photos of the person who is having the evaluation. We will also send you a list of things to bring to the evaluation session. We will ask you to sign a service provision agreement to ensure that you are aware of our terms and conditions. At this point we will also send you an invoice for your evaluation (and travel where applicable) fees. All of the paperwork must be completed and returned and the invoice paid at least two weeks before the appointment.

The Evaluation Session

The therapist will carry out a full TalkTools evaluation. This will last about 2 hours. We will usually film the session and provide you with a copy of the DVD. You can also film the session if you would like to.

The Programme

The therapist will write you a personalized TalkTools programme. It can take about 3-4 weeks for the report to be completed, it will be comprehensive but easy to read with step by step instructions. TalkTools activities and hierarchies are very prescriptive, so measuring success and progress is easy - we can see progress as you move through the activities, and this progress will be reflected in an improvement in feeding and speech. A full TalkTools programme written by a level 3 or above trained therapist will have a full description of all of the personalized activities, with criteria for success and activities to move on to, so can last for several months without review. However, if there are problems, you are unsure of something or just want some reassurance please contact us by phone or email. The programmes work best if you are confident in carrying out the activities so if you are not sure, please ask. Our therapists are happy to help at all stages of the TalkTools process.


You will require some TalkTools equipment to carry out your programme activities. This will need to be purchased once your personalized programme has been devised. Because each programme is personal to the individual, it is difficult to say how much the equipment will cost, but allow about £80 to £180 for the equipment. Much of the equipment will last you for a good while and usually well into the next updated programme and beyond, so you will not have to spend as much on equipment again in one go.

Programme Activities

TalkTools programme activities should be delivered daily, so it is usual for a parent or other supporter to be trained to carry out the activities. We recommend sessions are little and often, so a couple of 15 to 20 minute sessions per day is ideal, some of the activities may be incorporated in to mealtimes also. The level of commitment required for a TalkTools home programme is daily activity sessions, so please give careful consideration to this before starting on a TalkTools programme.

Programme Plan Updates (PPU)

After about 4 to 6 months, the client will usually be ready for a programme plan update. This is a full review of skills, and is followed by an updated programme for the family to follow. The PPU session will take about 1½ hours. It is OK to wait longer than 4 to 6 months for a PPU session, you can just keep on working on the activities in your programme and get really good at this level.


The cost for an evaluation and programme is £499.00. Included in this price is the evaluation session, which will last for about 2 hours and a full personalized programme that is designed to last for up to 6 months, a DVD of the evaluation session will also be provided. Follow up phone or email support is also included.

The cost for a PPU session is £374.00. Included in this price is the PPU session, a full updated, personalized programme, a DVD of the PPU session and further phone or email advice as needed.

You can come to our therapy room (DE12 7AH) or we can come to you. Travel charges are calculated at 50pence per mile (plus £43.75 per hour for journeys over 1 hour each way in duration) for the distance from DE12 7AH to your postcode. We will advise regarding travel charges on a individual basis where a flight or train journey is required.