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Equipment Care

Infection Control and Sterilization of TalkTools Therapy Equipment

With a few exceptions all TalkTools equipment can be sterilized for multi client use. This leaflet provides guidelines on general methods of sterilization and equipment that should be treated in a special way. New items of equipment are being added to the range regularly, so please check with us if you have an item that you are unsure about that is not listed here.
Therapists using TalkTools equipment for multi client use should also check with their employer for specific protocols on infection control where applicable.

Single Use

Toothettes and wooden tongue depressors should be used only once then disposed of.

Single Client Use

Horns 9,11 and 12 and straws A /B, C, D can be used multiple times, but only for one client.
Horns 9,11 and 12 cannot be washed as they have paper or card elements, the mouth pieces can be wiped between uses with a sterilizing wipe if required. Straws A / B, C and D can be hand washed.

Cold Water Sterilization

The best way to sterilize most equipment. Use a cold water sterilization unit and either tablets or liquid (E.g. Milton). Please follow the manufacturers instructions for your chosen brand.
Horns 3, 7 and 10 can be cold water sterilized but should be dried thoroughly inside to avoid rusting the internal metal parts. We suggest blowing with a hair dryer or balloon pump.

Microwave Sterilization

Using a microwave sterilization unit or disposable microwave sterilization bags some of the equipment can be microwave sterilized. Please follow the manufacturers instructions for your chosen unit. Due to the high temperatures involved in this method, some items may be damaged.
The following items can be microwave sterilized: Z vibe tips, lip blocks, maroon spoons, EZ spoons, tri chews, chewy tubes, Ark grabbers, Ark probes, jaw exercisers, K cup, cut out cups.
Jaw grading bite blocks - but remove the loop ties that hold them together first as these should not be put in the microwave. Sanitizing Wipes
All equipment except sensory bean bags and glove puppets can be surface wiped with sanitizing wipes such as Clinell Universal Sanitizing wipes.


TalkTools equipment is not considered suitable for autoclaving.


The bean bags and glove puppets can be machine washed on a cool or delicates wash. We suggest non bio wash liquid. They can also be hand washed with a hand wash liquid.
All items can be hand washed with warm water and washing up liquid except horns 9,11 and 12. Items washed in this way will be clean but not necessarily sterile for multi client use.
Please exercise caution when putting items in the dishwasher. Some items can be damaged depending on the temperature you wash at. To be completely sure, please only dishwash items listed as safe for microwave sterilization.

Critters and Jigglers

The vibe critters and jigglers can be surface wiped with sterilizing wipes. The heads of the critters unscrew for cold water sterilization. Please do not immerse the complete critter or jiggler in water, or place in the microwave or dishwasher.

(DN) Z Vibes

The Z vibe and DNZ vibe can be surface wiped with sterilizing wipes. They can be taken apart and the casing can be cold water sterilized. Do not immerse the whole unit in water, or place in the microwave or dishwasher. Do not attempt to wash or sterilize the battery, springs or motor! Keep your packaging for this item as it will help you to put it all back together properly.
With care your Z-Vibe will last for a long time, however as with all mechanical items, it will succumb to wear and tear eventually. The battery and motor can be replaced, please contact us for specific parts and instructions. Take care not to tighten the screw in too tightly as this will impair the function of the Z-Vibe by squashing the motor unit.


Straws should be cleaned inside before sterilizing by running under a tap or by using a small syringe to squirt water through the straw.

Duration Tubes

Duration tubes can be washed or cold water sterilized. To ensure they are properly dry inside, stretch the tube out and hang up to dry. For a quick dry, stretch the tube out to it's full length and whirl it around to expel any droplets of water. Please ensure you have adequate room before attempting this!

General Wear and Tear

As with all therapy equipment, please check before each use for any signs of wear and tear that may impair performance or pose a risk to the user.
TalkTools equipment is not designed for long term continuous use. You should expect to replace all equipment periodically depending on frequency of use.
This information in this leaflet is for guidance only. Eg (Training) Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to therapy equipment or sterilization equipment during sterilization of TalkTools equipment.