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Equipment Information

DnZ vibe

The DnZ vibe comes in a range of formats and materials.

Whilst the DnZ vibes have seals to prevent liquids getting inside, care should be taken to not allow liquid to sit in the battery compartment. It is strongly suggested that after each session of use the DnZ vibe is taken apart for cleaning and sanitizing. Whilst the DnZ vibe is apart, the tip and body can be fully immersed in sanitizing solution. Do not immerse the motor or battery in liquid.

Whilst cleaning the body and the tip, dry the springs, motor and battery if wet and store in a safe place. Replace when the tip and body are dried completely.

Battery Life

We expect the battery to last at least a month with daily use, as the battery gets older the vibration will feel weaker. Please note the battery is specific for the DnZ vibe - it is not an AAA, using an AAA will jam the DnZ vibe.

Spare parts

We sell spares of all items, please contact us for advice and support.