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Dysphonia - Disorders of the voice


Dysphonia is the medical term for disorders of the voice. It is described as impairment in the ability to produce voice sounds using the vocal organs. It is used as an umbrella term for many different types of voice problems.

The dysphonic voice can be hoarse or overly breathy, harsh, or rough, but some kind of phonation is still possible. Aphonia in contrast is a more severe voice problem and results in phonation becoming impossible.


There are two types of voice disorder, functional and organic. Functional describes voice disorders usually caused by faulty use of a normal vocal mechanism. Organic voice disorders refers to those that are related to some physical abnormality in structure at various sites of the vocal tract.

There are a range of disorders that fall under the term Dysphonia, the most common of these are:
  • Laryngitis
  • Trauma
  • Vocal nodules
  • Vocal Polyps
  • Psychogenic

How we can help

Our therapists will work with you to complete a vocal case history to help support understanding of the root of your voice problem. We will then work with you to develop tailored exercises to suit the nature of your difficulty and support these with a vocal hygiene regime. As part of the therapy, we will work with you to improve and develop your vocal techniques.

We may need to make referrals to other professionals in order for you to obtain the best care, these may include, Ear Nose and Throat Consultant, Endocrinologists or General Practitioners.

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