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Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that affects memory and processing speed, which affects literacy development, mathematics, memory, organisation and sequencing skills to differing degrees. Dyslexia can occur at any level of development. Dyslexia is frequently found to run within families.


Characteristic features of Dyslexia are difficulties in phonological awareness, verbal memory and verbal processing speed. Dyslexia can occur across a range of intellectual capabilities.

Dyslexia is best thought of as a continuum rather than a category as it varies significantly between each individual. Co-occurring difficulties are common and may be seen in aspects of language, motor co-ordination, mental arithmetic, attention and personal organisation, but these are not stand alone markers of Dyslexia.

How we can help

Our therapists can work with the individual, completing an assessment in order to build a profile of skills. This then helps to enable the therapist to tailor the therapy plan to suit each client's specific needs. We take a holistic approach to the management of Dyslexia here at Eg (Training) Ltd and understand the importance of liaising with other professionals involved with the client's input.

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