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Vibrator & Toothettes - TalkTools´┐Ż

Picture ofVibrator & Toothettes - TalkTools´┐Ż
The hand-held Vibrator & Toothette provide an excellent option to promote awareness of the oral cavity and to relax 'fixing.' It is also a valuable tool for diagnosing oral sensitivity. Includes 20 Toothettes Please note a Medical Device Alert is in force for these, please see this PDF here

Note that this item does not actually 'vibrate.' It slowly spins the Toothette, increasing the sensory input in a manner similar to vibration. The set consists of the device itself (battery not included), 20 Toothettes, and instructions for proper therapeutic use. Replacement Toothettes are also available in packs of 20.

Price : £21.42 code 1040036

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