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Honey Bear w/Flex Straw - TalkTools´┐Ż

Picture ofHoney Bear w/Flex Straw - TalkTools´┐Ż
The Honey Bear allows you to control the flow of liquid into a child's mouth and encourages children to learn how to straw drink. It can also be used to transition from bottle-feeding to cup drinking. You will appreciate the spill-proof lid. This original size Honey Bear has maximum capacity of 230ml but ideally holds 160ml to the shoulders.

Proven effective with children as young as 8 months, the Honey Bear is constructed from a soft plastic that allows you to assist the flow of liquid with a gentle squeeze. When this assistance is no longer needed or desired, our Transition Cups are appropriate, as the harder plastic used in their manufacture does not respond to squeezing. Replacement 'straws' (flexible tubing) are recommended, and are available pre-cut to a length suitable for use in the Honey Bear.

Price : £10.26 code 1020008

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